1950s Black Alaskan Diamond Hematite Jewelry

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Alaska black diamonds are not actually diamonds. They are the mineral hematite, an iron oxide. Hematite is black or gray in color and formed through crystallization.

Huge 10K Gold & Black Alaskan Diamond "Dinner Ring"  -  Really unusual

During the 1950's, large marquise-shaped hematite rings were all the rage. I remember the one my aunt always wore. The black alaskan at the shop garner more attention and commentary than almost anything else in the showcase.  Timeless and elegant.

Vintage Men's 10K Gold Black Alaskan Diamond Ring


1950s Black Alaskan Diamond Marquis Rings - 10K Gold - Classic

10K Gold with Black Alaskan Diamond Lavalier Necklace


1930s Art Deco Necklace and Earring set - Unmarked silver set with emerald cut Black Alaskan Diamonds surrounded by marcasites


Make a statement in vintage Black Alaskan Diamond Jewelry.



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