Jewels of Elegance - Sherman Rhinestone Costume Jewellery

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Sherman is one of those designer costume jewelry companies, who's work is recognizable from across the room.

Gustave Sherman started producing high end costume jewelry in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1941. His work is characterized by best Swarovski stones, crystal beads and findings.  He favored aurora borealis coatings and long marquise cut stones. Sherman used stunning navettes, chaton and baguette shaped stones with heavy plated rhodium, gold-tone or japanned settings. The settings are generally highly polished and meticulous. The stones are all prong set.

He often used striking and vivid color combinations. Sherman parures and demi parure are highly sought after by collectors.

Sherman Jewellery was sold through higher end jeweller's like Birks. Most pieces are signed "Sherman". We've had pieces that are unsigned with Sherman hanging tags and in Sherman boxes. There is a quite a debate about unsigned Sherman jewellery, whether or not there is such a thing. We've handled thousands of pieces of Sherman Jewellery, and are certain that unsigned Sherman jewellery is legitimate.

Here are some photos of some of the pieces we've had over the last few months.



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